QA interview questions and answers are completely based on the QA interview I and my friends attended during last years of working experience as Quality Assurance Testers.

Which testing types do you know?

This comprehensive list covers a lot of testing types will help you to properly respond on this QA interview question, but most likely still missed a few types of testing techniques. As potential candidate for QA Engineer position, you do not need to memorize all testing types in order to provide and answer on QA interview question, but it would be nice you could name at least a ten testing types, and even better if you could give the complete definition of some of the testing types and explain how you used them in your testing career.

Acceptance Testing
Ad Hoc Testing
Aesthetics testing
Agile Testing
All-pairs testing
Alpha testing
API testing
Automated testing
Beta testing
Black box testing
Boundary testing
Cloud testing
Comparison testing
Compatibility testing
Conformance testing
Consistency testing
Database testing
Data-driven testing
Deployment testing
Documentation testing
Domain testing
Dry run testing
End to end testing
Exploratory testing
Fault injection testing
Functional testing
Fuzz testing
Gray box testing
Guerrilla testing
GUI testing
Hybrid testing
Installation testing
Integration testing
Interface testing
Internationalization testing
Interoperability testing
Keyword-driven testing
Life cycle testing
Load testing
Localization testing
Logic testing
Manual testing
Migration testing
Mobile testing
Monkey testing
Mutation testing
Negative testing
Pair wise testing
Performance testing
Pilot testing
Positive testing
Protocol testing
Recovery testing
Regression testing
Reliability testing
Requirements testing
Risk based testing
Sanity testing
Scalability testing
Scenario testing
Scripted testing
Security testing
Smoke testing
Soak testing
Specification testing
Standards testing
State testing
Stress testing
System testing
Testability testing
Unit testing
Upgrade testing
Usability testing
Web testing
White box testing

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Anonymous said...

There are few test that is frequently run in realtime testing world

1. Functional Testing
2. Regression Testing
3. End to End Testing (E2E)
4. UAT Testing
5. Smoke Testing
6. Sanity Testing
7. Integration Testing
8. Security Testing
9. Load Testing
10. Performance Testing,
11. Stress Testing

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