QA interview questions and answers are completely based on the QA interview I and my friends attended during last years of working experience as Quality Assurance Testers.

Why do you want to leave your current job?

Here are some suggestions for answering this interview question. Try to put some positive spin in your answer. First of all it means that you shouldn’t say anything negative about your current position and people while being interviewed at new company or at least try a neutral mode. For example one interviewee could answer as "I have had it with working with QA Engineers who couldn't test a toaster and don't want to figure out how, a testing methodology that could be described as bedlam at best, a control freak manager who wont give anyone any responsibility and only asks about weekly status reports". Instead, the way smart QA Engineer might put it is more positive way like this "I've been working with my wonderful company to advance the state of testing. My management has reached a point where they are satisfied with the state of quality assurance team, while I am still striving to improve in the art of quality assurance. I feel that I can no longer add value at my present company and it is time for me to start a new life"

My personal answer may sound like - I'm not sure I want to leave my company, but in the same time your job posting interested me and I really would like to talk about the opportunity your company has available.


Anonymous said...

kindly advise what should i answer if i do not have job right now.

Anonymous said...

I was downsized

Anonymous said...

Or tell that your current contract is getting over.

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