Look at these common QA interview questions asked during real SQA interviews and understand the answers, but instead of memorizing the answers try to come with your own personal solution for every QA interview question. Experienced QA Testers are welcome to post the answers to these quality assurance interview questions

Name any software quality assurance or software testing magazine?

As an interviewer I would not be surprised if prospective candidate for software quality assurance engineer position would answer that the interviewee doesn’t read software quality assurance or software testing magazines at all. I personally subscribed for couple of free software testing magazines, but usually I have found only one or two articles in the fiftyor so quality assurance magazines I have browsed. My sources of software related information are primary web based as it allows me get an access to the technical material I'm interested in when I actually need it. I fell that the software testing magazines are a little bit too pushy with sponsored articles, tools and companies. Testing blogs and books are the best resource of information for me. Anyway I would like to mention several free software testing magazines which could be useful for software tester.

Better Software Magazine
Software Test and Performance Magazine
Testing Experience Magazine

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