Look at these common QA interview questions asked during real SQA interviews and understand the answers, but instead of memorizing the answers try to come with your own personal solution for every QA interview question. Experienced QA Testers are welcome to post the answers to these quality assurance interview questions

What do you do when you get bored?

Test interview question should show the real value of interviewee. One of this not puzzle interview questions is asking the prospective candidature about dealing with utter boredom. Occasionally testers get involved in the never ending testing of the same module of the same application. How should SQA Engineer adjust working behavior to continue successfully work on software project?
One of the ways it to exploit variation, for example stop testing the same modules, using the same methods. Try to a new ways to test the application.
The tester could also put the computer to work. Try to learn some scripting languages like Perl, Python or just shell and apply that in your testing to reduce monotonous and repetitive tasks.
Work together with software developer, asking a user about work flows or pitfalls, or business analyst to understand what is going wrong and it will make your job more interesting.

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Common QA engineer interview questions