QA interview questions and answers are completely based on the QA interview I and my friends attended during last years of working experience as Quality Assurance Testers. These tricky QA questions and scenarios are based only on real experience and were asked during actual QA interviews. Therefore, QA Tester who is looking for a Quality Assurance job will greatly benefit from this. If you are the first time job seeker as a QA Tester, then it can help you even better. Finally, if you are plant to attend an interview, you have to know these questions and answers by heart and must be very smooth in answering these questions. Practice in front of the foe or just a mirror, speak loud and clear. All the time, when you study the questions, you feel fine and feel relaxed, but the reality is, at the time of the actual interview, even though you feel you have the knowledge, cannot express it well. It may sound a little rough, but this is everyone’s hard experience. When you come out the interview door, you are deeply regretted. If you cannot remember these by heart, believe me, it may not work. The Testers are welcome to post own questions and answers to the following QA interview questions.

Git interview questions for QA Tester

Git interview questions should help QA Manager to get to know the candidate for QA Tester position and how the tester will fit in with QA team. The most easiest way to weed out candidates is to check the spelling of this distributed revision control and source code management. If QA Engineer resume refers to Git as git or GIT, throw the resume away, there is no place for blatant spelling errors in the tester resume. By the way the same applies to the spelling of Subversion as svn or Svn instead of correct abbreviation - SVN.

Git interview questions
The next set of Git interview question are those which have a high frequency of being asked in interviews and shall identify whether QA Tester is capable of grasping the concepts involved in version control.

A little bit of version control theory:
  • What is Git?
  • Explain the difference between SVN and Git?
  • Why Git better than Subversion? Is it really better?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages between centralized version control system and distributed version control system?
  • What is best Git book for newbie?
  • Do you know what is SHA-1?
A few practical Git interview questions:
  • Do you prefer to work with Git from the command line or GUI?
  • What is the best Git GUI client for Linux?
  • Have you found already the best Git GUI client for Windows?
  • Do you know the best Git GUI client for Mac OS X?
  • How would you start tracking an existing project in Git?
  • What command you would use to get a copy of an existing Git repository?
  • Write an example of any Git command?
  • What's the difference between git pull and git fetch commands?
  • Do you use Git aliases? What is your favourite Git alias?
  • Are you on Bitbucket, GitHub? If so, what are some examples of repos you follow? Can we see your code?
Please keep in mind that above Git interview questions contain the open ended interview questions where QA Tester can answer the questions however she choose to respond. There are no yes or no or right or wrong answers. In the same time some of questions require exact answers.

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Anonymous said...

This is simply garbage...

To truly test someone's skill is by giving him or her your problem to solve, not spell checking on acronyms...

Anonymous said...

Git is used by 'git' command in Linux. So it doesn't matter whether you write Git or git.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. This is total garbage on the spelling and as well as on the content of version control. This is a nice to have skill for a Quality Assurance personnel and not a mandatory.

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