QA interview questions and answers are completely based on the QA interview I and my friends attended during last years of working experience as Quality Assurance Testers.

Software Testing Interview Questions - Best Books

Software testing interview questions is one of the few books on the market covering the specific of interview for software tester position. In my opinion this particular book is not the best book despite the fact that presumably it covers important topics like Six Sigma, CMMI, SQA, FPA, TPA, metrics, estimations, DRE, spoilage, defect density, automation testing, BVA and salary negotiation in addition to 122 software testing interview questions and answers. The reason I do not recommend Software Testing: Interview Questions book by Shivprasad Koirala is because the core concepts and key areas discussed in this book would not help the tester to be successful during an interview regardless what job (Junior QA Engineer, Software Tester, Software Developer in Test) the job seeker applying. For example the author recommends the following approach for beginning of proper testing - "first thing we need is the acceptance test plan for end user". It may sound reasonable for fresher tester, but do you know any iPhone or Android end user who sent the acceptance test plan to Apple or Google. The same case is with the statement that “the customer should provide proper data for testing”, how many bank clients you know who provided acceptance test plan or proper data for testing an ATM machine? There are some good interview question and answers in the book but they have very little depth. It seems that the author have never worked in software testing industry or interviewed software testers.

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Software Testing Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked book by Vybrant Publishers is definitely much better investment of your money. It covers 200 common testing interview questions grouped by categories and 51 most popular HR interview questions. The book makes it easy to answer questions the right way and actually provides reasonable answers. I would not recommend to memorize solutions for all these questions, rather, slogs through these questions and you would to solve questions during interview. Recently friend of mine used Software Testing Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked book as a practice guide for the interviews and got offered Senior QA Engineer position through practicing the questions in this book over and over again. He was only caught off guard by two questions during software testing interviews through at least ten interview loops. The book is recommended not only for beginners, the experienced testers should also go through this book before an interview, because it gives insight to questions the QA tester would not have thought of. It prepares QA Tester for the most challenging of problems that can be asked in interviews. So if QA Tester have solved this book and feel fairly confident, it's pretty likely that Software QA Tester will do well in the interviews as well and will get an offer.

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